Product Category: Ceramic Heaters

What extra items are needed for installation?

Depending on your particular application, you will want to consider the following six accessories for all series of SunStar infrared tube heaters: Thermostat Manual Cutoff Valve Flexible Gas Connector (Included as part of the SunStar tube heaters) Second Stage Regulator if supply pressure is over 14″ W.C. Vent Cap Chain Kit with S hooks for


How low can i hang my SunStar infrared radiant gas heaters?

SunStar infrared heaters have been mounted as low as 8′ above the finished floor (in home garages and workshops) to as high as 70′ (in high bay aircraft hangars). The mounting height depends on the Btu/hr capacity and model of the heater. Please refer to the heater’s specification sheet for minimum recommended mounting height and


How do you size infrared when replacing existing forced air unit heaters?

An infrared heating system is always sized at a lower input capacity when compared to forced air (convection) heating. This is due to different modes of heat transfer (radiation vs. convection), thermal mass and minimal stratification between ceiling and floor temperatures. For retrofit purposes, provided the unit heaters are maintaining the desired inside design temperature